Mobile Application Monitoring

Mobile applications are underpined by a rapidly changing infrastructure and applications environment to meet the demands of consumers. In this continually evolving market, many companies increasingly depend and are evaluated upon the performance and availability of their mobile applications. CodeWhite specialise in solving the issues presented with mobile applications monitoring and the increasing complexity of the underlying infrastructure providing these services. Ask yourself, "Can you measure and identify the performance and availability of your mobile applications from your end users experience?" and "Can you further diagnose and identify the root cause of any issues before your users are impacted?"

Solution Architecture

The quote "Architecture begins where engineering ends" has been referenced by many. To CodeWhite, good architecture of a solution goes beyond the immediate requirements to ensure that the solution provides long lasting value to the organisation. This is our representation of art and we are passionate about producing high quality solutions to you, our clients. It is only through experience and thoughtful insight into the technical and business requirements of a solution, that good architecture can be realised.

Engineering Services

Engineers are the people who build the solutions that revolutionise the way in which IT operates. We are the problem solvers and technical specialists that can understand your requirements and provide you with an answer. Whether through implementations, integrations, customisation or bespoke solutions, We can solve your biggest problems in an innovative and cost effective manner.

Support Services

Support is like an insurance policy. Although you can operate without it, there comes a time when support becomes critically important to an organisation. Many of our clients operate their systems internally on a day to day basis and engage with us for second or third level support. We can provide specialist engineering services, under a variety of service levels to meet the demands of your business.