Mobile Application Monitoring

If your company has a mobile application for customers or employees, either native or browser-based, we need to ask you a tremendously important question.

"Are you absolutely certain that your customers are getting the best experience from your mobile application?”

Sure, most companies with mobile applications have back-end monitoring systems in place, but when it comes to monitoring the actual end-user experience, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are customers telling you something is wrong with your app, when you think it’s rock solid?
  • Can you proactively detect end user problems with your mobile applications?
  • Can you truly determine where in the mobile application delivery chain (Device/Carrier/App), the problem lies?
  • Are the monitoring tools you have in place adequate for the new complexity that mobile applications bring?
  • Are you asked for help diagnosing issues with an application you developed and tested, but find you have limited tools and data at your disposal?

Your customers are your life-blood. Ask yourself again, "Are you absolutely certain.......?"

CodeWhite and HP can deliver that certainty through the implementation of a SaaS based Mobile Monitoring Solution that requires NO Hardware infrastructure, and NO Software to install and keep updated!

Sound too good to be true? Well take up our exclusive offer of a FREE two-week trial and find out for yourself just how easily CodeWhite and HP can ensure your customers get the mobile experience you intended.

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