There are a number of tools available on the market for system monitoring, and analytics / business intelligence. eMite was designed to combining real time monitoring and analytical reporting into one tool. eMite is a next-generation Business Service Management solution that monitors, analyzes and reports in near real time the health and status of your applications, databases, servers or almost anything else.

eMite’s Service Intelligence Platform's base capabilities include Data Onboarding, Multidimensional Service Modeling and Visualization with Enterprise Correlation being a fundamental component of the base platform. Optional modules include Capacity, Availability, Performance and SLA Management.

Using a combination of role-based dashboards and low-impact agents, eMite helps to optimise the utilisation of company assets and reduces overheads by making available multiple datasources in a single location. eMite enables the organisation and act before issues - either automatically or user detected - become problems. Using industry-standard tools, eMite is optimised to work transparently with leading service management solutions, databases, ODBC data sources, SCADA data, excel files, log files and and most anything else.

Web based roll-enabled dashboards are a business management tool used to visually ascertain the status of the business enterprise through key business indicators. eMite interactively allows a user to to drill down and analyze present and past key performance data in real time. This data can optionally be overlayed on a geographic map or service view for at-a-glance understanding.