About Us

CodeWhite is one of Australia's leading HP Software consulting companies and has been providing architecture, implementation and support services for HP software since 2009. All of the principal CodeWhite engineers have been working with HP software for over ten years, giving a wealth of experience to draw on in architecting and implementing solutions both locally and internationally for some of the most recognised organisations worldwide.

What BSM means for CodeWhite

According to the latest version of ITIL, Business Service Management is "the management of business services delivered to business customers. Business service management is performed by business units." BSM is the thought process used to manage business-aligned IT services. A BSM philosophy promotes a customer-centric and business-focused approach to Service Management.  This means moving away from monitoring IT for the sake of monitoring IT, and aligns the business objectives and priorities with the IT monitoring operations and continual improvement.

BSM measures the performance and metrics of IT as it is aligned to the business services that are delivered to the business.  This approach helps the business understand how the IT infrastructure relates to the business, not how the IT infrastructure relates to the IT infrastructure.  This moves IT from being technology focused and being more business service focused which helps to prioritize the activities and responses of IT Operations.

The result of BSM in practice typically includes improved relations between IT and the business, suppliers and colleagues, as well as service quality improvements through improved efficiencies; and a reduction in service outages and their impact on the business. BSM is based on best/good practices, standards, guidance and methodologies such as those described within ITIL.
CodeWhite focuses on delivering BSM solutions and the business service management that IT should be performing.  CodeWhite understands the strategy, approach and methodology to BSM and ensures that solutions are giving the right results to the business.