Architectural Services

CodeWhite have extensive experience in architecting software solutions.  Correctly architecting BSM solutions is critical to delivering a cost-effective solution to the business. Ensuring that the solution is optimised for the software that is being implemented gives greater, long lasting benefits that will still be in effect long after implementation. In addition, automating the discovery and maintenance of the continued solution is vital to its longevity – particularly when operations staff can come and go.  CodeWhite can either architect the entire solution, or work with you to ensure that it is optimised for the business and software.

Engineering Services

Core to the capability of CodeWhite are their engineers.  CodeWhite performs engineering services, product upgrades/migrations, bug fixes, product enhancements and operator services.  CodeWhite also performs product replacements which involves replacing a software application with one from the HP Software Suite.
Taking a business approach instead of an IT perspective helps to establish the correct objectives for engineering services.  Instead of building a bigger and better IT monitoring solution, our engineers seek to deliver BSM solutions.  Those that have a dynamic mapping of IT monitoring to a business service lets the focus shift from the IT infrastructure to the service model and gives a better and longer lasting value to you.  This means you have infrastructure events being mapped to business outcomes.  This results in the events being understood in the context of the business – which is of more value to you.

Level 3 Support

CodeWhite can provide support for all versions of HP Software in the BSM Suite of products – including versions that are currently out of support from HP.  This support can be either performed on-site or remotely. On-site support can either entail a CodeWhite support engineer being physically onsite at your office, or a CodeWhite engineer being available according to agreed Service Levels.  This time can range from two hours on-site; or longer, depending upon your requirements.   The support process is maintained through CodeWhite’s Support website that manages all times and details of your support calls.

When Level 3 support is provided, CodeWhite also make available senior engineers to attend architecture and design meetings on site at your office.  This is found to be beneficial to both parties as you can make more informed decisions regarding the monitoring infrastructure, and as a result of this less issues are likely to be introduced to the environment.