Alarm Guard

AlarmGuard is a monitoring tool that supresses alarms generated from programs like HP Service Desk based upon a set of rules defined by administrators and users. It has a really easy to use web-based interface which automatically updates as information changes without the need to refresh the page.


Define rules based upon:

  • A single IP address or an IP Address Range
  • Hostname
  • Service, Application or Object
  • An exact Date & Time, or a Date & Time patten (eg, "On the first of every month at 10 am")


AlarmGuard also supports automatic imports from external sources such HP Service Desk. The alert is compared against the set of rules, and if one exists then the alert is supressed. AlarmGuard keeps a record of the rules that are created, and the events that are suppressed or escalated.


CodeWhite are so confident with the ease at which AlarmGuard can be implemented that we deliver it with a fixed price. Usually taking no longer than a week, AlarmGuard fits into the monitoring environment seamlessly.

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